Nick Drnaso

Published: 1 June 2018
Hardback, Other
208 pages
ISBN: 9781783784905


'The best book - in any medium - I have read about our current moment ... A MASTERPIECE' Zadie Smith

'A masterpiece for our times' Observer


The answer is hidden on a videotape, a tape which is en route to several news outlets, and about to go viral.

A landmark graphic novel, already hailed as one of the most exciting and moving stories of recent years, Sabrina is a tale of modern mystery, anxiety, fringe paranoia and mainstream misinformation -- a book that tells the story of those left behind in the wake of tragedy, has important things to say about how we live now, and possesses the rare power to leave readers pulverised.

About the author

Image of Nick Drnaso

Winner of the Prix Revelation at Angouleme 2018, Nick Drnaso was born in 1989 in Palos Hills, Illinois. His debut graphic novel, Beverly, received the LA Times Book prize for Best Graphic Novel. He has contributed to several comics anthologies and has been nominated for three Ignatz Awards. Drnaso lives in Chicago, where he works as a cartoonist and illustrator. More about the author


Sabrina melds a literary sensibility with an impressive display of the formal techniques of comics... through its seamless integration of pictorial form and content, Sabrina connects intimately with its readersMichael Saler



Sabrina is startling. Drnaso's formal ingenuity and confidence is matched by the acuity and depth of the story's awareness of who and where we are right now.Jonathan Lethem

Oblique, subtle [and] minimal, [capturing] the changing shape of fictionMan Booker Prize judges

Simply excellentAnthony Cummins

This is a political powerhouse of a graphic novel. Sabrina is the next bound for a cartoonist that will undoubtedly be considered one of the greats of all-time. We're just lucky it's our timeRJ Casey

Worth the wait ... Sabrina has a novelistic depth and reach. It feels very of the moment [...] and yet it is also attuned to the mysteries of the human heart... brilliantly spare’ Teddy Jamieson

‘Drnaso's icy depiction of an emotionally callous and conspiracy-addled society feels spot onGraphic Novels of the Year

‘Full of compassion and kindness set against a backdrop of internet-driven paranoia and conspiracy theories...Excellent and highly recommendedKevin Gildea

‘In graphic fiction, I was haunted by Nick Drnaso's Sabrina... Somehow the pictorial narrative seems to have the greatest purchase on the defining melancholia of our era’ Book of the Year selected by Kevin Barry

‘It's a book [...] steadfastly resistant to standard narrative expectations... a wide-scope of view of life, or something like it, persisting after harrowing trauma. Sabrina is the kind of book that stays after reading until, that is, you decide to read it again to find what little things you missed’ Graphic Novels of the Year

‘Nick Drnaso is one of the most ambitious, singular cartoonists to emerge in recent years, and his dedication to novelistic fiction is an inspiration. Incisive, chilling, and completely unpredictable, Sabrina demonstrates the inexplicable power of comics at their bestAdrian Tomine

‘Nick Drnaso's graphic novel Sabrina is a powerful state of the nation exploration of an increasingly polarised US where everything becomes black and white. Here nuance is restored via subdued blue and grey panels that illustrate how humanity itself is tamped down by paranoia and fear’ Book of the Year selected by Kevin Gildea

‘Nick Drnaso's Sabrina is the best book - in any medium - I have read about our current moment. It is a masterpiece, beautifully written and drawn, possessing all the political power of a polemic and yet simultaneously all the delicacy of truly great art. It scared me. I loved it.’ Zadie Smith

‘Set in a recognisable present, yet it feels more classically sci-fi than any number of "Resident Evil" movies... Casually up to date [it] takes in conspiracy theorists, trending news, social media and the random killing of an ordinary woman’ Yo Zushi

‘Some middle-aged colleagues and I believe literary comics fiction is possible without resorting to fantastical heroics.. and the youngest and finest exemplar, 28-year-old Nick Drnaso, offers a new book next year to possibly top us all: Sabrina, about a missing woman, a video and the unspeakable possibilities of our contemporary mitigated reality... I have no doubt that if Nick keeps it up, he will do things on paper that no other human has yet imagned (he basically already is), and that's the best kind of heroism imaginable.’ Chris Ware

‘The comic that everyone has heard of this year... an intensely withdrawn book, full of desperate characters whose emotions vibrate at near-subperceptible frequencies. I admired it deeplyTim Martin

‘The graphic novel being hailed as a masterpiece for our times

‘Told in a clean, clear, style... [Sabrina] is one of the move incisive visions of the Trump era we've yet had. It feels very of the moment, while never losing a sense of novelistic space, depth and mystery’ Graphic Novels of the Year selected by Teddy Jamieson

‘What stays with the reader is Drnaso's eerie portrait of the rituals of everyday life, the muted colours of his simple panels building into a suburban epic in which dark themes rear up, like some great Lovecraftian beast, and break through the modern life's banal surface... Very good indeedGraphic novels of the Year selected by James Smart

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