When I Lived In Modern Times

Linda Grant

Published: 6 January 2011
Paperback, B Format
129x198mm, 272 pages
ISBN: 9781847082619


It is April 1946. Evelyn Sert, twenty years old, a hairdresser from Soho, sails for Palestine, where Jewish refugees and idealists are gathering from across Europe to start a new life in a brand-new country.

In the glittering, cosmopolitan, Bauhaus city of Tel Aviv, anything seems possible - the new self, new Jew, new woman are all feasible. Evelyn, adept at disguises, reinvents herself as the bleached-blonde Priscilla Jones. Immersed in a world of passionate idealism, she finds love, and with Johnny, her lover, finds herself at the heart of a very dangerous game.

About the author

Image of Linda Grant

Linda Grant was born in Liverpool in February 1951, the child of Russian and Polish Jewish immigrants. She is the author of several works of non-fiction and four novels, including When I Lived in Modern Times, which won the 2000 Orange Prize for fiction. She lives in north London. More about the author


‘... bursting with ideas: about idealism, the shattering of dreams and the struggle to belong’ Ruth Gorb



‘[Its] strength is that history is a living reality. This historical landscape is not a closed one, it resonates with unassuaged desires - the desire for authentic femininity, for authentic national identity - that still propel us today’ Natasha Walter

‘Full of sharp humour, complex ironies and an acute eye for cultural clashes, this is a superb coming-of-age novelMatthew Reisz

‘Linda Grant knows how to create an impact, to evoke a response, to recount history in the making through the eyes of its witnesses ... It makes a timely and deep impression’ Kate Chisholm

‘Written with uncluttered economy, rich in quietly astute observation and underpinned by a rigorously searching investigation of its themes, this is a novel that both stimulates the mind and satisfies the heart’ Sue Wilson

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