The Pig That Wants To Be Eaten

And Ninety-Nine Other Thought Experiments

Julian Baggini

Published: 4 March 2010
Paperback, B Format
129x198mm, 256 pages
ISBN: 9781847081285


Julian Baggini presents 100 thought experiments - short scenarios which pose a problem in a vivid and concrete way - and invites the reader to think about possible answers for him/herself. Experiments cover identity, religion, art, ethics, language, knowledge and many more. From Zeno's paradox to Groundhog Day (how do you make sense of a life of eternal recurrence?), via the pig that wants to be eaten (so should you eat him?), Plato's cave, Minority Report (is it right to punish people for what they are going to do, but haven't yet done?), and An American Werewolf in London (how can we tell whether we are awake or dreaming?), this book makes philosophy not only mind-stretching but also entertaining.

About the author

Image of Julian Baggini

Julian Baggini is the founder of The Philosophers' Magazine. His books include Do You Think What You Think You Think? (with Jeremy Stangroom), What's It All About?: Philosophy and the Meaning of Life, the best-selling The Pig That Wants To Be Eaten, The Ego Trick and The Virtues of the Table, all published by Granta Books. He has written for numerous newspapers and magazines, as well as for the think tanks The Institute of Public Policy Research, Demos and Counterpoint. He has also appeared as a character in two Alexander McCall-Smith novels. His latest book, Freedom Regained, was published by Granta Books in 2015. His website is: More about the author


‘An eloquent and engaging introduction to the major philosophical quandaries’



‘An eloquent and engaging introduction to the major philosophical quandaries about identity, knowledge, morality and rationality.It is the best kind of popularising work: amusing enough to provide an easy way into difficult questions, but uncompromising in terms of the meanings deduced from the fables’

‘An engaging read ... It's one to which I'll keep returning - whenever I feel like an argument and have nobody to argue with’

‘Baggini frames various philosophical conundrums so that we focus on the nub of the matter without the extraneous considerations that complicate them in real life... helpfully cross- referenced and ideal for reading aloud’

‘Baggini offers us a tempting smorgasbord of some of the most baffling, weird and occasionally downright creepy scenarios ever envisaged... enjoy these mind-boggling tales from the outer limit of thought’

‘Thinking again is what this taut, incisive, bullet-hard book is dedicated to promoting’

‘This book is like the Sudoku of moral philosophy: apply your mind to any of its "thought experiments" while stuck on the Tube, and quickly be transported out of rush-hour hell’

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