Patrick Barkham


The Butterfly Isles





Patrick Barkham was born in 1975 in Norfolk and is Natural History Writer for the Guardian. He is the author of The Butterfly Isles, which was shortlisted for the Ondaatje Prize; Badgerlands, which was also shortlisted for the Ondaatje Prize and the Wainwright Prize; and Coastlines. He lives in Norfolk.


29/11/2017, 19:00

An evening with Patrick Barkham

Join us for an evening of natural wonder as Patrick Barkham discusses his newest work 'Islander'. He explores some of the most beautiful landscapes in Britain as he travels to ever-smaller islands in search of their special magic. Our small islands are both places of freedom and imprisonment, party destinations and oases of peace, strangely suburban and deeply wild. They are places where the past is unusually present, but they can also offer a vision of an alternative future. Meeting all kinds of islanders, from nuns to puffins, from local legends to rare subspecies of vole, he seeks to discover what it is like to live on a small island, and what it means to be an islander.
Waterstones Norwich, 11-17 Castle Street, Norwich, NR2 1PB

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